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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476

Automatic Kjeldahl

Cost-effective classic

The instrument complies with GB, NY, HJ, 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia, AOAC, ISO and other standards. Nitrogen / protein content can be measured, and applications such as sulfur dioxide, cyanide, volatile phenol, volatile fatty acids, cation exchange in soil, and acrylonitrile content in rubber can be expanded.

Cost-effective smart choice
It can be called the classic K9840 automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, which integrates the technical advantages of Haineng's advantages: it prolongs the service life of the internal pipelines of the instrument; the fault self-test and the sound and light alarm system are all of the K series Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer Advanced security system as standard. The near-civilized market price makes the K9840 an excellent choice for experimenters.
Full mold processing, full assembly line production
The whole machine uses ABS engineering plastics, full mold production, delicate workmanship; assembly line production mode standardizes the production process, and the quality is stable.