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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476

Automatic video melting point meter

MP420 / 430 video melting point meter, 450/470/490 automatic video melting point meter, integrates image detection and video shooting technology into melting point measurement, not only provides users with a stable and reliable melting point test function, but also clearly and intuitively displays sample changes Curves and real-time high-definition sample images, and realize automatic video recording, video watermarking, video playback, and spectrum synchronization, etc. It is easy to observe the color change and decomposition temperature through the real-time video screen. The unique layered insulation design not only effectively resists external environmental interference to ensure stability and accuracy, but also has faster heating and cooling speeds to reduce waiting time. The instrument can be widely used in the chemical industry and medical research, and is one of the necessary instruments for the production of drugs, perfumes, dyes and other organic crystal substances.