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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476
  • Goku Instruments

    Goku's "born" Hytera instrument launches liquid phase "battlefield"

    It is reported that Haineng Instrument (stock code: 430476) has recently invested 10 million to establish a holding subsidiary "Shandong Wukong Instrument Co., Ltd.", which is responsible for the development and promotion of Haineng Instrument's spectrum chromatography products. After the establishment of the new company, it will focus on high-end high-performance liquid chromatography and provide more choices for the majority of scientific and technological workers.

    As an important separation and analysis instrument, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) covers the hot areas of environment, food, and pharmaceuticals. According to incomplete statistics, in the current global analytical instrument market, liquid chromatography analytical instruments account for 20% of the total sales. As an important market for global analytical instruments, China needs at least tens of thousands of liquid chromatographs each year, and the market potential is huge.

    Haineng established Goku Instruments to enter the mid-to-high-end HPLC field. On the one hand, it originated from foreign brands' long-term monopoly of 90% of the Chinese market, and domestic mid-to-high-end liquid phases in product reliability, software friendliness, marketing strategies, application technical support and after-sales service There is still a gap with foreign countries in terms of quality, etc .; on the other hand, it also stems from the important layout of Haineng's future development strategy, as well as the improvement of product reliability, production lean management, marketing channel construction, and application method development in the past ten years And excellent after-sales service system and other "national self-confidence".

    Combining research on the Chinese HPLC market, Goku Instruments believes that under the guidance of industry experts and the enthusiastic support of our customers, and the joint efforts of Goku and its peers, we will create cost-effective and reliable Chinese scientific research units and enterprises in the next few years. Good and excellent HPLC series products will become a reality.

    Haineng's entry into the field of high-end liquid chromatography is also one of the many signs of the increasingly prosperous domestic scientific instrument industry. It is expected that more domestic instrument manufacturers will make breakthroughs in technology, improve products, and improve quality, which will prosper the national scientific instrument industry. Contribute to the promotion of national technological progress and the protection of people's quality of life.