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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476
  • As a sample pretreatment instrument, the microwave digestion instrument needs to cooperate with subsequent testing instruments to achieve the expected experimental goals. Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer is a common detection of mercury ... [Details]
  • Answer: The medium is heated by the radiation of the infrared tube, which has the advantages of fast heating rate and long service life, which is the mainstream heating method on the market. [Details]
  • 1. What is the difference between a sample concentrator and a nitrogen blower? Answer: The sample concentration and nitrogen blowing instrument are purged with nitrogen, but the names of different manufacturers are different. [Details]
  • 1. How long does a crude fiber analyzer measure a sample? A: The detection time of crude fiber depends on different samples. The test time of conventional samples is generally 90 minutes ... [Details]
  • 1. What are the main applications of the fat analyzer in those industries? A: The fat analyzer is based on the Soxhlet extraction principle and uses the gravimetric method to determine the fat content in samples. It is mainly used in agriculture ... [Details]
  • 1. What are the classifications of refractometers and what are their characteristics? A: The refractometers currently sold in China are mainly divided into handheld, bench-top Abbe refractometers, semi-automatic Abbe refractometers, ... [Details]
  • 1. In what industries are polarimeters mainly used? Answer: It is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance industries. [Details]
  • 1. How to choose a melting point instrument? Answer: First of all, you must choose a melting point meter suitable for your sample test conditions. For example, if the sample is in powder form, you can use a melting point meter for capillary measurement, [ ... ]
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