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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476

Hi-energy instruments are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of China's national economy. It is a combination of traditional and modern industries, and one, two, and three industries. Its main categories include: chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, proprietary Chinese medicines, antibiotics, biological products, biochemical drugs, radiopharmaceuticals, medical devices, sanitary materials, pharmaceutical machinery, medicinal packaging materials and pharmaceutical businesses. The pharmaceutical industry plays a very important role in protecting and promoting people's health, improving the quality of life, preparing for family planning, disaster prevention and epidemic prevention, military readiness, and promoting economic development and social progress.

The pharmaceutical industry's production process and quality monitoring are all analytical instruments. The main detection indicators are: general component analysis, veterinary drug residues, toxic and hazardous substances, trace elements, and health indicators.