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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476

High-energy instruments are widely used in agriculture

Agriculture is an industry that produces food and industrial raw materials by cultivating plants and animals. Agriculture belongs to the first industry, and the science that studies agriculture is agronomy. The working objects of agriculture are living animals and plants, and the products obtained are the animals and plants themselves. We use the growth and development rules of animals and plants to obtain products through artificial cultivation, collectively referred to as agriculture.

Agriculture at this stage is divided into two categories: plant cultivation and animal breeding. Land is an irreplaceable means of production in agriculture. The main objects of labor are living animals and plants. The production time is not consistent with the labor time. It is greatly affected by natural conditions and has obvious regional and seasonal characteristics. Agriculture is the source of mankind's food and clothing and the basis for survival, and it is the primary condition for all production. It provides food, non-staple food, industrial raw materials, funds and export materials to other sectors of the national economy.

There are many intersections between agriculture and other industries, such as environmental protection industry testing soil and water quality, food industry testing plant nutrients, chemical industry chemical fertilizer testing, pharmaceutical industry pesticide and veterinary drug analysis, etc. Therefore, the agricultural field is a broad industry and involves a comprehensive range of analytical instruments.