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Stock abbreviation: Haineng Instrument
Stock Code: 430476

Focus on scientific instrument business, manufacture high-quality instruments, and interpret perfect service. Haineng is committed to the research of food and drug safety nutrition and scientific analysis instruments and analysis methods, and provides instruments and comprehensive solutions for scientific and technological workers. Over the years, through the efforts of nearly 100 scientific and technological workers, it has nearly 100 products including organic element analysis, sample pretreatment, electrochemistry, physical optics, gas phase ion mobility spectrometry, spectrum, and chromatography.

From product research and development, spare parts procurement, standardized production, and finished product inspection, Haineng has formulated rigorous operating specifications and technical standards, CE certification in the EU, ISO quality management system certification in the UKAS agency, 107 patents, and 29 software copyrights. Four R & D centers, four 4S service companies, 21 offices and after-sales service outlets, and a 200-mu industrial park have built a 7 × 10 service response system to allow more professional services to accompany users.

In January 2014, Haineng Instruments listed on the New Third Board; in August 2015, it acquired Shanghai Xinyi Microwave; in July 2016, it acquired German GAS; in December 2017, it obtained HPCE-related patented technologies and entered the field of life sciences; 2018 In March, Goku Instruments was established. Bring more choices to users in a wider market.

4S interpretation

Sensation——Experience: Unprecedented solution concept to bring users a "zero distance" live experience;

Service——After-sales service: unified and standardized after-sales service team, efficient response speed, and convenient communication mechanism;

Sparepart-spare parts: spare parts storage system, timely supply and rapid response;

Solution——Solutions: tailor-made application solutions for users, establish a large and systematic application method library, and establish a platform for communication and sharing among households.